Your roadmap for teaching piano to students with disabilities.  

Courses and strategies to make your teaching more effective TODAY. 

“Though I wanted to teach students with disabilities, I was scared because I didn’t have go-to resources, individualized lesson planning felt like a ton of work, and I didn’t know where to start with a new student. Now I feel equipped! I know I can trust Selena’s extensive experience and her philosophy of presuming competence."

Melody M.

Piano Teacher, NCTM

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Extensive, Guided Course

Join Unfazed, the 11-Week Live Course!

❌ Unsure where to start with your student with disabilities?

❌ Wonder whether you're really "on the right track" with your students?

❌ Wasting hours sifting through forums to get answers? 

❌ Struggling to understand your students' behavior and communication styles? 

You shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. You deserve to feel calm, cool, and collected during your lessons, even when students present with "difficult" or "puzzling" behavior. 

The 11-week course Unfazed will give you student-centered techniques and perspectives that will transform your teaching. 

After taking this course, you will feel

✅ CONFIDENT in any situation

✅ COMPETENT teaching many different types of learners

✅ and prepared for anything thrown at you in a music lesson.

Self-Paced Mini-Course

Join the Milestone Method Mini-Course

❌ Tried EVERYTHING, but your student still can't seem to read notes?

❌ Resorting to color-coding, teaching by ear, or endless rote pieces? 

❌ Tired of drilling flashcards with mixed results from week to week? 

❌ Not sure what the problem is? (Dyslexia, motor skills, etc?)

Rest assured: you are doing GREAT, and there IS a way to teach your student to read notes. 

The Milestone Method Mini-Course will give you a powerful framework for systematically addressing your student's possible challenges that prevent them from reading notes.

This quick, self-paced course will:

✅ give you a step-by-step roadmap for teaching note-reading

✅ transform note-reading from a dreaded chore into a favorite part of the lesson

✅ uncover your student's strengths and keep them returning to lessons with a smile on their face

about Notable

Affirming neurodiversity and presuming competence.

Notable exists to give teachers concrete, proven strategies to effectively teach piano to students with disabilities.

These strategies presume competence and harness the gifts of neurodiverse students.

No more big-note versions with letters written inside them.

No more color-coded staff.

No more pecking out "Twinkle Twinkle" with one finger for weeks or years. 

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