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Take 45 minutes to dive into:

  • How you can use language to decrease stigma
  • How outdated ideas about autism, behavior, and attention can hold us back from truly connecting with our students
  • How motor challenges affect our perception of intelligence
  • How to create a sensory-friendly environment
  • A pro-neurodiversity and strengths-based approach to teaching note reading  

About Selena Pistoresi

As the former Program Coordinator and Music Specialist at an inclusion school in the SF Bay Area, California, I gained experience developing a music curriculum for a multi-age, multi-level, multi-diagnoses group of students. 

Having been a part-time piano teacher since 2008 (while I was in high school!),  I left the school and went full time with my studio in 2015. Since then,  my work has been increasingly informed by listening to neurodiverse voices, the Disabled community, and by applying a strengths-based approach to piano teaching. I love the changes this has brought to my work, and I am so excited to share this process with you. 

I now teach full-time in the SF Bay Area, California, in my studio of 50+ students, and almost all of them have disabilities. I also train teachers all over the world through courses, curriculum, and tons of free content.

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